Bulk Bags

Features & Benefits

Bulk bags come in many sizes but generally in a U Shape or Circular Shape.

Consult us for the requirements or expectations of your Bulk Bag.. With years of practical experience we will confidently advise you on the properties, specifications of the Bulk Bag that you need to get your product securely packaged and shipped.

Available Bulk Bag Features:

  • 1000lb, 1500lb 2250lb, 3000lb, 4000lb SWL ( SAFE WORKING LOAD)
  • Baffle Style
  • Food Grade Production and Certification
  • ISO Standard safety Standard Certification
  • Coated or uncoated
  • UV protective coating


Tell us the size of bag you need or the type of product you need to pack and the weight you would like to load. Call (866) 517-4699 and we will help identify the exact bag size you will need.