Our products are offered through ACME Bag Co’s large National Inventory and Distribution network.

Warehouse locations in: California: Anaheim, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Sacramento, other states: Ohio, Minnesota, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas.

Product can be dropped shipped directly to customers, or conveniently warehoused and shipped from any one of our national locations nearest your facility.

Our precision manufacturing capability extends multiple countries with our own dedicated staff “on the ground” at all points of quality control.

Our pricing is competitive because of our annual production volume in both manufacturing and shipping.

Such volume affords us better “buying power”, allowing us a better product at a lower cost than our competitors.

These are savings we pass on to our customers, giving the Bulk Bag Co its competitive pricing edge.

Download our Credit Application, send it in for account set up and standard credit terms approval.

ACME Bag Inc is a member of the FIBC Association.

Copies of FDA /  Pharmaceutical, BRC Food Grade, AIB International, EU migration tests, HACCP and ISO Standard certifications available with all shipments upon request.

Purchase your products with confidence and peace of mind. With the Bulk Bag Company packaging experts on your side, learn exactly the ideal specifications for your packaging application. No more guess work – No more costly errors. Get proper certification and safety standard product that are required by your industry. The Bulk Bag Company provides the exact specifications required, by calculating product density and volumes. It’s Science and not magic- and is why The Bulk Bag Company will help you get it right. By getting rid of the “guesswork,” – it puts you in a safe position and eliminates the liability of costly errors.

Our production facilities are some of the most modern and integrated operations in the world. They are fully ISO certified, BRC & AIB Food Certified to handle Food grade, Pharmaceutical grade, UN Certified, Anti Static, Chromiq, anti skid, moisture proof, and oxygen barrier packaging products. The Bulk Bag Company veteran packaging industry experts can advise on any packaging product.

  • Certified and safe, custom or standard bag products.
  • 6 color printing.
  • Modern manufacturing facilities.
  • Decades of experience.
  • Quality control.
  • The Bulk Bag Companies great team spirit goes into every product we deliver.


Tell us the size of bag you need or the type of product you need to pack and the weight you would like to load. Call (866) 517-4699 and we will help identify the exact bag size you will need.